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By purchasing at through the website or by phone, you accept our Cancellation and Refund Policies mentioned below:

1) The recipient was not found at home

The gift will be left with a third party in case the contact requests it in writing, In case of being an office, the maximum waiting time of the delivery person is 10 minutes, after this period of time an attempt will be made to leave with a co-worker , reception, assistant, etc., in case of not answering the contact.
If it is not possible to leave the gift with a third party:
1.1. A notification will be left at the recipient's address stating that we are going to deliver their gift and that they must contact us to proceed with the rescheduling and delivery of the order the next day, an email will also be sent with the same information to the sender. The second shipment will have an additional cost, so when you speak by phone for the rescheduling, the representative will calculate this cost for you.
On special dates like February 14 and May 10, the "" Order Not Delivered "" email may arrive after 6:00 PM or the next day.
2) Non-conformity with the product
The Customer who makes the purchase has a maximum of 48 hours. To report the disagreement, after this time, concludes its guarantee policy on the product, since it works with a perishable product.
To make a complaint, send an email to or on the page in the forum in the section to raise the complaint and within a maximum period of 5 hours a representative will contact you by phone or by sending an email to follow up to your complaint.

In case you are dissatisfied with the presentation of the arrangement that arrived either due to the quality of the flower or the arrangement, you will be asked for a photograph to evaluate the complaint, please send the photo to  to carefully review your order and give you a prompt solution.


3) Reprogramming
In case the order is NOT delivered:
The client will have to communicate within the next 24 hours, otherwise, a rescheduling will not be possible and the service will be terminated without the possibility of monetary reimbursement or exchange of any kind.
The customer who makes the purchase agrees to provide the following information:
• Order number
• Delivery address
• Delivery schedule block
The re-programming shipment will have an additional cost, so when you speak by phone for the re-programming the representative will calculate this cost.

4) Addresses with conditional delivery tries to deliver the arrangement according to the rules of each place, but is not responsible if these prevent delivery. It should be noted that some medical institutions do not allow room delivery. does not issue refunds if delivery could not be made due to this reason.

5) Delivery of rejected arrangements
In case the recipient does not want to receive the arrangement, the buyer will be notified. In this case, no refund will apply.

6) Duplicate orders
If two or more identical orders have been made and it is notified, the duplicate order can be canceled, applying a refund for the total duplicated amount, as long as the product has not been sent and delivered.

7) Cancellations
Cancellations with refund are allowed only up to 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date.
In the case of personalized articles, there will be a charge of up to 50% penalty since personalized articles have an immediate production process.

8) Coverage
If you have placed the order and do not have the coverage at the indicated address, the reimbursement for the full amount will apply.

9) Delivery times
Products are delivered in time blocks, when the order is delivered within the scheduled time block, no refunds will be made.

10) Product availability
In case of not having the product available in the indicated city, we will contact you to change the product for an available one or cancel the product or order and apply the partial or total refund.

Surprises, gifts, flowers and more.


You can make your payment via electronic transfer, bank deposit, with credit or debit card, PAYPAL, CLIP, all our orders require 100% advance payment because they are personalized.


For corporate orders please write to

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